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ESD Workstation

Today’s electronic manufacturers need a workstation designed to help reduce harmful discharges from reaching vulnerable parts and assemblies. Part of the overall solution is to have a workstation designed with the proper grounding system to dissipate any charge away from the product you’re producing. Our custom made workstations are designed to withstand the toughest of environments, allow total flexibility for future upgrades and meet your organization’s ESD needs.

Standard Features

  • Workstation structure made from 20 x 40mm rectangular pipes of 18 Gauge.
  • Available in powder coated grey colour.
  • ESD Mat for table top with grounding cord.
  • Universal spike protector 230V / 50Hz, 15 Amps with four sockets.
  • Four conductive leveling screws for base with height adjustment facility.
  • Foot rest for user convenience.
  • 28 W flicker free swivel Light.
  • Louver panel.
  • Conductive Bins as required.
  • Tool Tray with option of fitting on Left or Right side.
  • Alkon Modular System with lock. 1 No. as per image above.
  • Writing & Felt Board only for AWS12060.
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