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Visipro Rack Protector

Visipro Rack Protector

VISIPRO Upright Protector design cues have been drawn from the requirements of FEM 10.2.02 regarding impact loads and protection for pallet racking.

FEM 10.2.02 draws the distinction between protection for uprights at the end of racks between cross aisles and gangway intersections which require protection from any direction, compared with intermediate uprights that require protection in a direction normal to the aisle.

We recommend using an independent steel guard for end of racks and the VISIPRO High Visibility Upright Protector for intermediate uprights.

FEM 10.2.02 is very specific about designing intermediate protectors for forces normal to the aisle, to ensure that the protectors do not reduce the clear entry of the bay.

  • Tough, impact resistant, rounded outer shell.
  • Golden yellow colour.
  • Resilient inner shock absorbing pad.
  • Unique fast snap clips.
  • Flexible and strong.
  • Easily removable.
  • 500mm high standard height.
  • Can be double stacked for 1,000mm high protection.
  • Flexible side wings.
  • Side wings can be cut out on site.
  • No requirement to fix to floor.
  • Outer shell and absorbing pad stable down to -20°C.
  • Alternative fixing method using velcro straps.
  • Tested to FEM 10.2.02 for impact normal to aisle.
  • Six widths of protector ( Type A, B, C, D , E & F)
  • Worldwide patents pending.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Slim-line design.
  • Deflects impact away from upright.
  • High visibility promotes safer operating areas.
  • Spreads and absorbs impact load.
  • Fast and simple snap on installation.
  • Sizes to fit most major pallet racking systems.
  • Quick and easy visual rack inspection.
  • Protection where you need it most.
  • Even greater visibility and upright protection.
  • To protect side of upright.
  • Modify to fit around bottom beam applications.
  • Easy and inexpensive to install. Reduces floor damage.
  • Can be used safely and effectively in a cold store.
  • Use where the snap clip may not be the ideal fixing.
  • Known impact load absorption capability.
  • Protector sizes to suit all rack types.
  • Your guarantee of innovation.
  • Affordable protection for the racking asset.
  • Does not protrude into the safe working clearances of the storage bay.
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