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Stationery Roundafile

Bull Bin

The Perfect Solution For Storing And Retrieving Office Files & Folders.

Space Saving: Roundafile systems saves upto 60% of the space needed for other filing systems. Roundafile provides maximum ease of retrieval in minimum space. Roundafile system saves expensive office wall space.

Economical: Roundafile system is the most economical filing system available. Price comparison shows that Roundafile system saves upto 50% in cost as compared to conventional wall filing systems. Why pay more when planning offices? Check and compare !

Time Saving: With Roundafile system you retrieve your files at the greatest possible speed. Each tier revolves independently to display 24 Box files or 80 to 100 flat files at a glance.

Multi System

A product designed and manufactured with meticulous care by ALKON. Standard cabinet with four sizes of interchangeable drawers. Store Files, Documents, Papers, Office Stationery etc. All cabinets are provided with Central Locking System. Cabinets can be interlocked side by side or one on top of each other.

Modular System

Modular System - Beige / Grey / Blue is an ideal plastic filing system based on standard modules which can be interlocked and stacked on top of each other. The basic system is around four drawer sizes which can be interchanged in the ratio of 1 : 2 : 3 : 4. all cabinets can be supplied with / without central locking system.

Applications Due to the system being modular in nature, these systems are used in a large variety of applications like Offices, Hospitals, Homes, Electronics, Engineering and Textile Industries.

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