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Panda Bins

Bull Bin
Made From Polypropylene Copolymer
  • Designed to fit roll post shelving systems.
  • Twenty five standard sizes to suit 300 mm, 400 mm, 450mm, 500mm & 600 mm deep shelving.
  • Resistance to most industrial solvents, withstands higher temperature.
  • Integral back stop for clear viewing of PANDA BIN contents.
  • Partitions are notched to ensure positive location within the bins.
  • PANDA BINS feature a small handle to allow maximum area of the front face for sticking identification labels.
  • The PANDA BINS use a unique design for added strength.

Panda Shelving Systems

Roll posts Panda Shelving Systems have one-piece solid uprights with a rolled front edge for additional strength, safety and aesthetic appeal. Roll posts are available in 3 heights 1275 mm, 1875 mm, 2375mm which are suitable for 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm & 600mm deep shelves.

Shelves Shelf levels are easily adjusted in 25mm increments and are held into position with the use of nuts / bolts Shelves are available in 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm & 600mm depth having 900mm width as standard.

Back Panel Back panels provide additional stability and prevents dust. As per the new design the back panel is a set consisting of two pcs.

Extended Back Panel Extended back panel can be added along with additional roll posts to expand the existing units, side by side or back to back. As per the design the extended back panel is a set consisting of two pcs. ie 492mm wide and 457mm wide in 3 standard heights 1275mm, 1875mm and 2375mm

Kick Plates All shelving bays are fitted with solid kick plates, which prevent unwanted material entering into the base of the shelving unit and It looks aesthetically good.

Flexibility Panda shelving systems are fully enclosed and are designed to suit your ever changing needs. The flexibility of the product accommodates additions or alterations at any stage, with a minimum of fuss or disruption to your day to day operation.

Finish All Panda shelving components are manufactured in 0.8mm CRCA steel and are duly powder coated in light grey colour. (Except door sets.)

Add On Panda Shelving Systems

The Panda Shelving Systems can be extended as required by connecting additional units of Roll Posts / Extended back panels to the existing units, side by side or back to back. The efficient design & versatility of the panda shelving system using add on units enables the systems to be designed & built to suit a diverse range of applications.

Doors For Panda Shelving Systems
  • Lockable doors for panda shelving systems are available in three heights of 1275mm, 1875mm and 2375 mm only.
  • These doors are powder coated in the same color as per the shelves and roll posts to make it uniform in appearance.
  • Lockable doors secure and protect the stored contents from dust, damage and theft.
  • Doors are modular in nature and can be added to the existing shelving systems.
  • Doors can be used with add on shelving units and can only be fitted on every alternate bay of shelving unit.
  • Doors can also be used on back to back add on shelving units.
  • Doors are pivoted on two lintels, top lintel is mounted in line with the top shelf, the bottom lintel is mounted on the base level of the shelving unit due to which the usable height in the shelving system gets reduced.
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